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Ralph L. Miller

Ralph Miller, the founder and President of ASTRO Systems, Inc. has over 40 years experience at various levels of management in the field of telecommunications, involving all types of systems, including landlines, line-of-sight, tropospheric scatter and microwave systems and sophisticated earth satellite and optical communication systems.

As President of ASTRO and of a predecessor company, for thirty years, he has been directly involved with the design and implementation of communications programs around the globe. These have included: a Naval Telecommunication Station for a U.S. Navy Submarine Base; numerous Satellite Earth Stations (both for INTELSAT and domestic U.S.A.); Fiber Optic Cable Systems; High Speed Optical Telemetry Systems; HF communications networks and high power HF broadcast stations, an Integrated Police Communication System and a Satellite System for a major U.S. Television Broadcast Network.

Mr. Miller has actively participated, and has supervised engineering staffs, in the design of equipment, computer software and complete systems, and has integrated, tested and commissioned complete turn-key systems. He has performed system analyst and programming in several high level languages.

Mr. Miller has participated in numerous engineering studies to determine optimum system performance parameters, under actual field operating conditions, for troposcatter, microwave and communication satellite systems.

During military service, Mr. Miller was responsible for conducting tests of numerous tactical wideband radio relays for the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Alaska, under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Ohio University; B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude
  • U.S. Army Signal Corps; Fixed & Field Radio Communications
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • Tau Beta Pi
  • Amateur Radio Operator's License

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