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Over its twenty-five year history, ASTRO has endeavored to acquire a combination of engineering, technical, and support talents dedicated to building an organization capable of providing a broad range of services and products to the telecommunications industry.

Our objectives are threefold:

  • Offer a level of engineering services, fully capable of supplementing existing system with modifications and new hardware compatible with requirements and new technology.

  • Establish initial and realistic business levels directed toward supporting the current real-world needs of customers endeavoring to maintain, upgrade and expand their systems.

  • Maintain a core of technical, administrative and management talents dedicated to prudently expanding the products and services that ASTRO offers its customers.

To this end, ASTRO directs its marketing thrust and concentrates its programs in the following areas:

  • Engineering Services

  • Product and Research Development

  • Product Evaluation and Improvement

  • Field Retrofit

  • Subsystem Integration

  • System Integration

These areas apply to the satellite and non-satellite related disciplines.

Phone: (301) 913-2800 • Fax: (301) 913-2803 • Email: info@astrosys.com