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Tom A. Dunlap
Director of Operations

Mr. Dunlap has more than 30 years experience in the field of telecommunications program management. This includes system design, installation, testing, maintenance and operations. His system background includes; fixed and mobile HF, fixed and mobile VHF/UHF, point-to-point microwave radio systems, and complete satellite earth station terminals. Additional experience includes AM broadcast stations, video and audio systems, and electronic PABX systems. His extensive international experience is reflected below:

As the Director of Operations with ASTRO, Mr. Dunlap is responsible for planning, organizing, allocating and directing corporate resources in support of existing and potential customer requirements. His work includes performance of telecommunications engineering tasks such as site surveys to ascertain all construction details of sites to include RFI environment. Specific projects he was responsible for include:

  • He recently completed a detailed RFI survey of a communications satellite station in North Africa where he identified the character and source of interfering signal and designed an RF shield for the antenna.
  • Program Manger, responsible for the supplier identification, procurement, shipping, network design and initial configuration of 400 user voice and data network data center included multiple servers for Active Directory/DNS, Exchange/mail, information assurance, file and backup.
  • Program Manger, responsible for the design, installation and testing of a specialized surveillance and communication system for Cairo International Airport.
  • Program Manager, responsible for the design, installation and testing of an AM Broadcast Station for the U.S. Navy.
  • Program Manager, responsible for the design, installation and testing of a video surveillance system to monitor rocket launches for the U.S. Air Force.
  • Program Manager, responsible for the installation and testing of an electronic PABX and instrumentation project for the U.S. Army.
In earlier assignments, he has been associated with various telecommunications firms, including Page Communications, TELSPEC, COSMOS Engineers, the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, and the United States Air Force. His assignments and responsibilities have included the following:
  • Director of Operations for a manufacturer of satellite ground communications equipment, responsible for entire manufacturing group and test engineering.
  • Program Manager for the RCA American communications satellite video terminals located at COMSAT gateway earth stations in Andover, Maine and Etam, West Virginia.
  • Program Manager for the dual polarization upgrade of one COMSAT earth station and the SCPC and video transmission modification of another COMSAT earth station in the U.S.
  • Project Manager for the expansion and upgrading of a Lebanon INTELSAT Standard A earth station.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and procurement documentation for a highway patrol VHF/UHF communications project for a Middle Eastern client.
  • Design and engineering of a UHF communications network for a Middle Eastern client.
  • Design and develop software program in high level language for a dedicated facility controller.
  • Specification and design preparation for all communication facilities at a U.S. Navy's TRIDENT submarine base.
  • System testing and modification of an ultra wideband Laser and LED, optical communication system.
  • System testing and special support to modify an Iranian Standard A earth station.
During his military service, Mr. Dunlap was responsible for the installation, testing, maintenance and operation of mobile, line of sight, tropospheric scatter radios, multiplex, VFTG and ancillary equipment.

  • University of Florida - Electrical Engineering
  • Member Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

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